River God Adventures offers a wide array of activities during the adventure


During your entire journey you will be able to observe the plentiful wildlife on the banks of both the Zimbabwean and Zambian sides of the river. Mana Pools National Park and the Lower Zambezi National Park are protected areas with a plethora of plains game, elephant, baboons & rare samango monkeys. The elusive leopard and lion have too often been spotted hiding in the shade of the famous ‘apple ring acacias’. Beneath the surface, hippos roam and crocodiles lurk.


The Zambezi River is famous for its Tiger fishing. This aggressive predator patrols the river in plentiful numbers giving the angler a very real chance of catching several every day. The diversity of the natural habitat during the length of this trip means that anglers can attempt most forms of angling, fly fishing, spinning, bait fishing and conventional tackle drifting. Due to this relatively unpopulated stretch of the Zambezi one can arguably say this is some of the best tiger fishing in the world. The average size mature fish will start at 5lbs going all the way through to our record fish of 21.5lbs.
Many other species are available to explore. The river offers prime Bream fishing which is known to many as possibly the best eating fish. Other species include Vundu, Barbel (catfish), Cornish Jack, Bottlenose, Parrot Fish, Chessa, Imbire and much many more.
Rods and terminal tackle are provided for anglers of any experience.


There is excellent opportunity for birding during the trip where guests will be provided with binoculars, birding books and professional help from both our onboard guide and cameraman.
1000’s of migratory birds, as well as the permanent dwellers, fill the river shores and flora to keep even the most novice birder entertained for hours on end.
Rare species such as the Angolan Pita, African Spoon Bills, Pel’s Fishing Owl and Narina Trogon can be seen in this region.


Should you see something interesting further inland from the river’s edge, your onboard Professional Guide will take you exploring into the bush to track game and get an up close view of the wildlife who reside deeper in the bush.